Ergon Executive Search was born in 1985 as a part of Telos Management, an italian group, leader in management consulting.

At start, we provided our services in the area of Human Resources Development, to specialise, later on, on Executive Search.

In 1996, Deloitte Consulting, one of the “big five” of management consulting worldwide, buys the Telos Group together with Ergon Executive Search, giving start to international expansion.

In May 2001, the professional partners buy out the firm: since then Ergon operates autonomously.

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Master Team was originally founded by a group of different professionals that had previously achieved long term experiences as managers, management consultants, and teachers within prestigious management schools and institutions. Master Team’s activity is mostly focused on planning and implementing new organizational and  management good practice patterns: clients facing the challenge of a management change are facilitated in the process through the enhancement of skills and performances